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My First 10K: Nike+ Human Race

I am a runner. No, not a fast runner or a good runner. The point is that I enjoy what running does for me. I run to run, to be healthy, to reach a goal, to feel the rush, to feel the pain, to feel the good … I run to be.

My running suffered a layoff this year due to work and my many performances overs the last few months. Now that I am back in the swing of running I have noticed differences. The most noticeable difference is the time it is taking to get back to where I was before the layoff. Due to this issue I have been thinking about last year and my running, especially my first 10k.

Graphic from Nike+ Human Race
Graphic from Nike+ Human Race

The Nike+ Human Race was my first 10k. I did not run at one of the major city events, but ran on my own using my iPod Nano and the Nike+ transmitter and receiver. As you see from the below graphic my time was 1:16:12 and I finished 27,142 out of approximately 1 million runners. I have yet to see the official number of total runners, but my finish was not bad in my opinion.

So maybe the Nike+ Human Race is just a glorified branding mission. My thought is that no matter what Nike is thinking the point is to get people off of their couches, away from the television, and maybe, just maybe get out the door and do something physical. Running may not be the cup of tea each person likes, but sure is better than much of what is on that television which people just cannot seem to leave.  🙂

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