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Independence Day: Morning Thoughts

Sitting on the front porch and having a cup of coffee this morning by the dawn’s early light. It is a wonderful morning with a slight breeze, a light rain shower, and the sounds of birds chirping. I know that it is Independence Day, but it is so nice to sit and not hear the sounds of fireworks exploding. Quite. Peaceful.

This light rain shower has begun to wash away the fog of Independence Day wars. All that is left is the debris of young children’s celebrations strewn in yards and streets. Faded red sticks from rockets that have lost their red glare. There are no more bombs bursting in the air. The air that was once fouled by oily fumes is clean. Only a light odor of ozone delivered by the rain from above.

This brings memories of those who perilously fought, and those still fighting throughout the world. If only all around the world we realized that each one of us are brothers and sisters. We may speak different languages, dress differently, and have beliefs that differ but we are still people of Earth. All living, breathing, and hoping for a safe world. We should not put out beliefs on another for that may put us asunder.

Sitting on the front porch by the dawn’s early light. Thinking not only of my countries independence, but the independence that all children of Earth should be enjoying. Quite. Peaceful.


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Relationships: A Street Filled with Potholes

Curious thoughts brought to mind after reading a couple of Twitter posts.

Relationships can be a difficult experience. The two-way street is often marred by cracks, potholes, bumps, and dips. Often one partner is traveling down a one-way street where their vision has already seen the point, game, match, and set. This can prove difficult when the other partner is trying to “relate” in the give-and-take world of relationships. We should look to steer around those cracks potholes, bumps, dips, and one-way-street.


More thoughts on this later.

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