Dubai, the unpacking

I started this post nearly a week ago. All seems to have become quite busy with many meetings and the preparations for the start of school. Now the meetings have finished and school is in full swing. I have decided to post this snippet I started earlier in the week.

A week in the past…Today marks the start of the third week living in Dubai. Today was an eventful day, as our household goods arrived from Vietnam. Well, more accurately our household goods arrived at our home in Dubai, but arrived from Vietnam about three days ago.

A wonderful group from our moving company arrived early, unloaded the truck and quickly had all the boxes in the house. We decided we would do much of the unpacking, as we had many things to do and would unpack all over the next several days.

My wife and I did unbox the kitchen and several other areas. It is always amazing at how well all travelled from our home in Vietnam to storage for six weeks, and then to the ship and all the way to dubai without incident. No damage to anything we have opened. At least so far no damage.

Aside from this day of unpacking the week has been good. Quite a bit of work with the many meetings and preparations for the start of school. We are becoming acquainted with many wonderful new colleagues and friends.

We also have spent some time shopping to pick up needed and some unneeded items for the flat. While a large mall is only a short walk from our flat it does not seem so short when out in the Dubai heat. Quite different from the humid heat of Hanoi, Vietnam. One should always remember that full shoes are a benefit over sandals when walking in the sand. According to my wife, “Wow, it burns!!!”

Now we await important documents which allow us to acquire Internet, television, and the advantageous drivers license. Which is most important between Internet and freedom through driving? I have a feeling it will be Internet. 🙂

Best to all and hope the week is grand.


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