Checking out WordPress’ “Post by Email” – Only a Test

There is a new post by email feature for Wanted to test this feature and use some of the special formatting tags.

As I write this test for WordPress’ “Post by Email” feature I keep hearing “This is a test. This is only a test of the Emergency Broadcasting System”. Then there is that loud, sharp tone piercing through the radio speakers. According to the U.S. Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau “the Attention Signal most commonly associated with the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) was a combination of the sine waves of 853 and 960 Hz, a completely disharmonic combination that is extremely offensive to the human ear”. Really? Offensive?

With Winter hitting hard here in SW Missouri I thought a warmer photo would be nice. This allows me to test the photo upload feature when emailing a post to my blog. This photo was taken late Spring 2009 while driving to Kansas for a performance.

Happy Winter to all. Hopefully, I will have better stories and more posts in the new year.


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