Roomba Haiku: Ode to Old Batteries

For the last three years I have had two pets. No, not a cat, dog, bird, nor a rat or anything of the kind. My pets have been two of iRobot’s Roomba robot vacuums. These creatures are wonderful, and help me keep my floors and carpets clean of all that I drag into my home.

The Roombas are spinning discs that travel the floor hunting for the debris their human master leaves for them. Through thick vegetation and glassy basins the Roombas whirl about creeping under couches, slithering under beds, spinning around chair legs all while devouring the little bits and pieces they can find to satisfy their hunger. That is until today.

It seems that the batteries for my two Roombas have charged and recharged all that they can handle. No more do my Roombas sound their joyful song as they begin to clean. One only hears the sorrowful four-note call that their heart is low on energy and the Roombas can no longer go about hunting for carpet food. So, i wrote a new Haiku of these circular creatures that live in my home.

Evening comes slowly

My Roombas dance no longer

Hearts are dead

Soon these small creatures will again chase, whirl, and shout their call to eat. Life replenishment is on its way to aid the Roombas so that they, much like the spiders of the dark, can eat the small bugs that roust about.


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